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Anabaptist Savings and Loans International (ASAL, pronounced Ah-SAHL) is a conservative Anabaptist non-profit organization that promotes Christian stewardship and business. The board of directors represent various Anabaptist church groups with experience in business, finance and missions.

Sustainable Kingdom Communities
Building sustainable kingdom communities
one business at a time. 


As followers of Christ, we commit to living in obedience to God’s Word by faith, bearing the fruit of the Spirit, glorifying God in all we do, and forsaking earthly glory.


We deeply value our brothers in the faith and seek every opportunity to be our brother’s keeper with a heart of love. Serving each other to equip for mutual growth.


We value discipleship as exemplified by Jesus with his disciples. Mathew 28:19,20 Making disciples of all nations… Teaching them all that I have commanded you.


We value transformed living as God’s design for mankind in all areas of life. We commit to sustainable coaching and lending practices that respect the vision and   mission of each community we serve.


Biblical stewardship recognizes God as the owner of everything we have for His glory. We greatly value the resources God has given us and commit to being faithful stewards in our coaching and lending practices.

Kingdom Impact – Social Impact – Financial Impact

Kingdom Impact – Allowing Jesus into every aspect of the business. Our Vendors, Employees and Customers should feel like they spent time with Jesus when they spend time with a Kingdom Business Person. A community with Kingdom Business benefits from the Light of Jesus that engenders Life.

Social Impact – Kingdom Business gives more to the community than they take out of it. Communities with Kingdom Businesses benefit from the jobs they create in a healthy and safe environment. Kingdom Businesses bring good structure and resources that contribute to the strengthening of the local social fabric.

Financial Impact – Kingdom Businesses should have a healthy net income as a result of the law of sowing and reaping. Communities benefit from Kingdom Businesses with better paying jobs, monetary donations to local worthy causes, and help fund our schools, churches and missions.

God Loves a Cheerful Giver

“Now he that ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness.” 1 Corinthians 9:10

What makes ASAL different?

Key benefits of Anabaptist Savings & Loans International

ASAL Organizational Chart

ASAL Board of Directors

Jay Yoder

Board Chairman


Jay and his family spent 2 years in Honduras and 8 months in the Dominican Republic. They live in Mifflintown, Pa where Jay is a partner in Penntuck Wood Products.

Ervin Helmuth


North Carolina

Ervin Helmuth is the pastor of Cornerstone Fellowship in Harmony, NC and a father of 11 children. He is the owner of Pine View Buildings, a storage building manufacturer, where he serves as President and CEO.

Ken Burkholder

Board Member


President of Good’s Stores Inc., a family business founded in 1957, operating retail stores, wholesale and IT services. Business partner in B&B Acres, a beef and farming operation in Missouri. Currently serving as Board Chairman at Fairmount Homes, CRELS Foundation, Home Messenger Literature Service and Board Member of Open Hands. Board Member of Anabaptist Financial and Member of Pequea Mennonite Church, Weaverland Conference.

John Byers

Board Member


John has served on the the MCF Mission board for 10 years. Also with the family, served in Nicaragua and Honduras for 5 years. Currently serves as deacon at the Sommerset Church in PA.

Rodney Hubbard

Board Member


Rodney is the current owner of All Seasons Contracting, Inc. He serves in the office of Deacon in his local church congregation and does business consulting to an asset moving and retail business. My wife Elizabeth and I have been married for 22 years and have 6 children. We are members of the Cascade Valley congregation of the German Baptist Brethren New Conference fellowship. We were called to the office of Deacon in 2011.

Thomas Mast

Board Member


Thomas currently serves as Bishop at Maple Amish Mennonite Church. As a young boy he lived in El Salvador and has since worked and volunteered in Ireland,  Indonesia, Liberia, Paraguay and El Salvador. He is now passing his business on to his son.

Gary Nolt

Board Member


Gary currently serves on the PMC Mission Board and involved in their mission work in Honduras. He works for Javataza Coffee, which is sourced in Central America.

ASAL Executive Officers

Leland Ulrich

Chief Executive Officer


Leland is CEO and co-founder of Corland Partners, a financial company that assists in structuring Kingdom businesses for anointed growth. Leland and his partners operate a portfolio of companies within the U.S. Leland grew up in Costa Rica as part of a missionary family and returned to the U.S. at the age of 16. He serves on numerous boards.

Roman Miller

Communications Officer


Roman grew up in Paraguay and also served as Clinic Administrator and pastor with AMA 13 years in Paraguay, was partner/owner at Graber Cabinetry 5 years, currently is bishop at Fellowship Haven Church in Woodburn, IN.

LaRay Stover

Operations/Loan Officer


LaRay has had extensive experience in multiple aspects of business throughout the years.  He has been involved with setting up and registering multiple entities including a micro captive insurance company and international companies. Outside of work, LaRay serves as chairman of the board for a small nonprofit, Mid MO Relief Sale, which holds an annual auction to raise money for Missouri organizations that provide relief supplies to Christian Aid Ministries.

Steve Leid

ASAL Officer


Steve worked at Christian Aid Ministries for over 12 years serving as SALT Microfinance program manager and other management positions. SALT is a program to help bring holistic support to families in poverty and is operating in over 13 countries. As of May 2019 he is in partnership with H&H Construction.

Willard Mast

ASAL Officer


Willard is currently living in Hutchinson, KS where he owns and operates an Airbnb business with his rental properties after retiring from the remodeling trade. He grew up in a cattle and broiler farm in AR and after marrying his wife Sharon, lived in AR and El Salvador until moving to KS. Willard spent 12 years in El Salvador, serving as a pastor and construction manager among other things.

LATAM Regional Office

Luis Caamaño

Regional Officer

Costa Rica

Luis lived in his native Argentina until he was 41 years old, when he emigrated with his family to Costa Rica. During his youth he studied Economics, worked in his father’s company and then independently. He was a pastor in 3 churches of his congregation, which he evangelized with another brother, also working in the main church to which he belonged in the work of helping the needy. In Argentina, he was the distributor of LMZ and had a bookstore where the biblical material was sold in a project with the Ulrich family.

Keiner Barrantes

Regional Officer


Keiner lives in Siguatepeque, Honduras, along with his wife Mary Ramos, and a daughter still at home. Over the years, he has worked at translating and revisions of books, and now he works as a coach for ASAL, especially in Central America. Keiner is fascinated with accounting, technology, learning, and sharing what he has learned. He desires the integral development of his brothers, and thanks ASAL for the opportunity to contribute to the economic sustainability that is an essential component of human development.

Eugene Schlabach

Regional Officer


Eugene Schlabach has lived in Paraguay since 1998. He is married, with 4 children. He owns a dairy farm and does crop farming, along with seving on various mission boards. His vision is to see missions have sufficient funds to operate well and have Kingdom Building sustainable businesses.

Jerlin Lopez

Regional Officer


Jerlin López lives in Guatemala and for the last 25 years has worked for a mission in Guatemala and has served as a commissioned pastor in different congregations. He has a business of doing Immigration work for foreign workers/missionaries and a family business of raising vegetables, and selling milk products and baked goods. He is 40 years old and is happily married with 3 daughters.

ASAL Advisory Group

Amos Hurst Jr.


Amos currently serves on numerous boards in the U.S. and abroad in Guatemala and Nepal. He currently works as warranty administrator for Binkley and Hurst Bros. Inc., which he was an original partner.

David G. Martin


David has served on the boards for Anabaptist Financial and Open Hands. He also does financial advising for Stewardship Resources. David has also had the privilege to serve as house parents in Guatemala for Mennonite Air Missions several times.

David Mast


David currently serves on the Honduras Mission Committee and the Good Shepherd’s Children’s Home in Honduras. He is involved in SALT and CAM. He grew up around the family business and continues to be a part of it today.

Merle Herr


Merle served on Faith Builder’s board for ten years. He co-founded several non-profit organizations including Anabaptist Financial, Anabaptist Foundation and Open Hands and served for twelve years as AF’s Executive Officer and now serves as Resources Officer. Merle also currently serves as President of AgSalt Processing for 29 years.

Arlen Yoder


Arlen lived in Costa Rica for 30 years and then served at the MCF mission in Nicaragua for 6 years. He has been involved with Mount Zion Literature Ministries since 2000 and is presently involved in their work in Cuba.

Darvin Weaver


Darvin loves the Lord and has a heart for Ministry. He is the owner of Jonestown AG Supply founded in 1999. He served on the Pilgrim Honduras Mission committee for 9 years and was a minister at Swatara Mennonite Church. He has a vision for sustainable missions and church plants and was one of the main ones to influence the Honduras Children’s Home to operate with a model that was more sustainable for the local church and the Hondurans.

ASAL Ex-Officio Members

Carl Martin


Carl is currently serving on the Honduras Committee of the Pilgrim Mennonite Conference. Has been involved in the work since 1999.Was also a partner in a business called “automatic farm systems”for 35 years. Retired but still working.

Ervin Esh


Ervin is currently serving on the Mennonite Fellowship Missions board. He and his family lived in Honduras for approximately 3 years and now own a metal roofing company in Kentucky.

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